Food Vendors

Feeding the Chicks

-All food vendors will be set-up in the Food Court area.  Note: The Chicken Show will not be serving a Chicken Dinner.  VENDORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SET-UP AFTER 11 AM! Tear down is from 4-6 pm.

Limited generator capacity is available. If you have your own individual generator that runs quiet please send additional information

Please provide specific plug requirements on Vendor Registration form.

There will be a $45 surcharge for 50AMP set up.

You will be responsible for providing your own extension cords.

Vendor spaces are assigned in approximate 10×20 FT increments. 

Please be sure to check in with event staff upon your arrival for additional last minute instructions

 and to confirm your location.

We reserve the right to make logistical changes for the good of the event.

Please note that you must SET UP ON TIME.

Food Vendors  are required to be licensed by the State of Nebraska through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. To get a temporary license, contact Jeff Hall at 402-471-3422.


  1. A hand sink with hot and cold running water, 3 – unit sink with drain boards for utensil washing.
  2. Hot foods at 140° F minimum and cold foods at 45° F maximum.
  3. On hand metal-stem, bi-therm product thermometer and a sanitizer test kit.
  4. Food prep areas properly screened and light bulbs protected against breaking.
  5. Wastewater disposed of properly and not allowed to drain on the ground.
  6. Food grade hose used for potable water.
  7. Ice must be covered and ice bins continuously drained to prevent standing water.
  8. Food stored six inches above floor level.
  9. Food handlers’ hair effectively restrained with hats, nets, or caps.
  10. Single-service cups dispensed from cup dispenser.