Saucy Hot Wing Eating Contest- Cancelled for 2020
Please register in advance at Pizza Hut or at their booth in the Food Court.

Henoween July 10th at 8:00 p.m.
Rooster Crowing Rent a Chicken or bring your own to see who crows the most.Saturday morning at the Fairgrounds
Chicken Flying Rent a Chicken or bring your own to see who can fly the furthest. Saturday at the fairgrounds approx 2:30 pm
Best Chicken Legs
Let's see you strut those bird legs!

September 12 Saturday afternoon at the fairgrounds
Biggest, Smallest, &

Most Unusual Egg
Cancelled for 2020
Bring your eggs to the Live Chicken Area. Judging at 1:00 pm Saturday July 11th

National Cluck-off
Must be heard across the barnyard, act and sound like a chicken, and last for 15 seconds.Age categories 13 and under AND 14 and over. Cash Prizes
September 12 Approx 3pm in the Park
Hard Boiled Egg
Eating Contest
Cash Prizes. Throw down those eggs as fast as you can. Must Register in advance and be 18 or over. Saturday afternoon September 12
Rubber Chicken Chuck
Cancelled for 2020
Let’s see how far you can chuck your chicken across the barnyard!

Egg Toss
Choose a partner and whichever team goes the furthest distance without breaking

your egg wins!

Saturday afternoon September 12
Egg Drop/Catch
Last contest of day. Look for the cherry picker and try to catch a raw egg, barehanded and dropped from the sky. Don't get egg on your face!!

Saturday afternoon September 12